Name– Santosh Mangraj
Designation – Managing Director – CEO
Qualification– Business Graduate from University of Central England
Experience– 15 years with Genpact(BPO, KPO), IBM(Finance and Accounting), McDonalds

Santosh, hailing from Chandigarh is a visionary with comprehensive professional acumen and supporting qualifications and experience. He believes in pioneering the concept of digital transformation and specializes in design thinking and analytical skills. He is passionate about global talent related issues, progressive skill development and the overall importance of building a robust corporate culture. He brings precious technical knowhow to the table as one of the founding members of IT365.

Santosh began his career with the McDonald’s in England and then moved to J.Sainsbury Retail Consumer Financial Services. These were primarily sales and marketing driven roles. Subsequently, he worked for Genpact India and honed his expertise in as Consumer Retail Service, Consumer Credit Service and Consumer Finance Service. He later moved to American Software Technologies Services as their Senior Operation Manager for the India business. He founded IT365 in 2017 where he drives the growth strategies and market operations of the company. He is also one of the revolutionaries of the Lean Digital Approach which harnesses the powers of digital technology.

Santosh has a degree in International Business Management from University of Central England, Birmingham, England majoring in finance and marketing.

Name– K.Divya Prakash
Designation – Managing Director
Qualification – Graduate in Fashion Technology
Experience – 5 years in total with Reliance Brand Limited(Fashion), Worked as Costume Designer for few Tollywood /Bollywood like Bahubali and few others.

K D Prakash, based out of Hyderabad, has taken up the role of heading the HMS or the Hi-tech Manufacturing services vertical for IT365. The vertical is slated to serve clients from the manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, media, fashion, telecommunications and leading software, electronics, and internet services segment. K D is dedicated towards helping the company establish a global presence across five countries and make a mark among global clientele. Before joining IT365, K D has worked with Reliance Brand Media Limited where he sharpened specialized skills in areas such as sourcing, manufacturing, quality, supply chain and field services in fashion and design technology. He has had renowned associations with the entertainment industry and has been associated with some top names including Baahubali. At IT365, he has been appointed as a young talent head for driving back office process transformation and technology initiatives including lean methodologies.
K D is a Certified Fashion Technology professional and received a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Technology from NIFT, Hyderabad, India.

Name– Sandeep Patnaik
Designation–Chief Human Resources Officer
Qualification–Post Graduate in Human Resource Management and A Degree in Commerce
Experience–Worked for 2coms, IBM and Genpact.

Sandeep is in charge of the human resource functions of IT365. He possesses a rich experience in human resource domain that spans across 10 years and has made significant contributions in the both corporate and business roles of the organizations. His key specialties include mergers and acquisitions integration, managing employee relations, nurturing corporate roles and capacity building within the organization.
Sandeep began his career with 2Coms Pvt Ltd and later became the HR Manager for IBM and Genpact in India.Sandeep earned a post-graduate degree in Human Resource Management and also has a degree in Commerce.

Name– Salim S Damani
Designation–Chief Financial Officer
Qualification–Bachelors in Business Adminstration and Diploma in IT
Experience–Worked for MIT LLC Virginia

Salim, based out of Virginia USA, has undertaken the role of the Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for supporting the financial performance and propel strategic growths, actionable insights to allied business teams and communicating the vision of the company and the progress chart to the clients and investors. Primarily, his job is to create a synergy for collective and cumulative growth, keeping investors and clients in sync.
Prior to this stint, Salim was the President of MIT LLC in Virginia and was responsible for a range of critical activities like corporate governance, capital markets, investor relations, operational finance, mergers and acquisitions, and treasury.
Salim received a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and is a Diploma in IT.

Name– Lily Smita
Designation–Subject Matter Expert
Qualification–Bachelors in Business Adminstration
Experience–Worked for Concentix and Quatrro

Lily Smita, based out of Bhubaneswar, is a key player of the strategy devising team where she has taken up the role of leading key projects and initiatives. She is also responsible for evaluating, developing and executing strategic ideas in the early stage. Lily has been engaged in undertaking high impact roles during her tenure as an SME and helped substantially in areas such as client management, boosting demand generation for the company and propelling overall growth.

Lily has a rich experience of over 7 years in business development, sales, finance, change as well as program management. Before joining IT365, Lily was a prominent member of the M&A team of Quatrro and Concentix. She possesses a BBA degree from Punjab University.

Name– Stacey Presley
Designation–Chief Marketing Officer
Qualification–Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism
Experience–Worked for Sapient

Stacey Presley, based out of Boston, has joined the team of IT365 as chief marketing officer and is now leading the marketing function globally, focusing towards strengthening the marketing strategy as well as brand awareness for driving comprehensive growth. Stacey has a rich and diversified experience in sales, marketing, communications and branding that spans across 20 years.

Stacy has acquired substantial experience during her stint in Sapient which is undoubtedly one of the most advanced digital transformations platform. She served as the head of marketing and telecommunications and picked up skills of creating as well as executing strategies that drives awareness and demand for the brand.

Stacy graduated from Syracuse University and has a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism as well as public policy.

Name– Daniel Frost
Designation–Chief Digital Officer
Qualification–Bachelor’s Degree from Indian Institute of Technology,
Experience–Worked for Sapient

Daniel Frost, based in Silicon Valley, California, is responsible for taking care of the digital platform of IT365 which includes management of key areas such as artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, robotic process automation, mobility and dynamic workflow. He is the one responsible for triggering an innovative vision that can drive business outcomes for complete transformation, leveraging lean principles and domain expertise.

Daniel has also been the initiator for integrating SAAS solutions into the company portfolio. He possesses extensive experience in the technology domain and is equally adept in managing large corporations as well as high tech small startups. Daniel possesses critical expertise that can help companies to walk through key processes such as internet streaming, enterprise application software, data center automation and cloud based SAAS.

Daniel received a graduation degree from the Minnesota University an undergraduate degree from the IIT. He has a wide involvement in industry forums around cognitive computing, cloud technologies and big data.

Name– Victor Wood
Designation–Chief Legal & Counsel Officer
Qualification–Bachelor in Economics from Chicago Law School and J D from University of Chicago Law School.
Experience–Worked for Sapient

Victor Wood is responsible for oversees legal functions of the company and possesses over 10 years of experience as a commercial lawyer and corporate counselor. Victor possesses the experience of dealing with various transactional, litigation and business matters. He also possesses the experience of practicing law in the states of California and New York.

Victor holds a J D from the University of Chicago Law School and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from University of California in Berkeley.


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