Fun at work:

At a time when work-related stress is taking a toll on the life of employees, a friendly working environment, women-friendly policies and support among the team members keep employees highly motivated. We respect people for who they are and value what they bring into the organization. Rewards and recognition programs ensure innovation and allow creative minds to perform better using their own unique initiatives.

We not only celebrate festivals but also celebrate life. Parties and colourful decorations are an inseparable way with IT3SIXT5 . That’s why we have a host of fun programs, ranging from pizza lunches to Cook-n-dine parties and outings.


Knowledge at work:

The single biggest challenge at work in any organization, is Information.

When managed properly it shapes the path of success for individuals, team – collectively and the company as a whole. It is not only imperative but also equally important for people in a company to understand the nature of information being sought, used and stored. All such information when stacked together with a purpose becomes knowledge.

We at IT3SIXT5 believe in sharing knowledge diligently for the purpose of creating awareness among every member of the organization and also in being responsible towards the safe keeping of any and all such knowledge thus acquired. It helps to create a knowledge centre for all future employees and leaders of the organization.

Andrew Carnegie once observed and gave this statement,

“You take away all my Factories, You take away all my Money, You take away all that I possess, But leave me my Men and in next 5 years they can get me everything I had or even more.”:


Growth at work:

Opportunities for growth and development help employees expand their knowledge, skills and abilities, and apply the competencies they have gained to new situations. For us at IT3SIXT5 Growth opportunities mean and require a genuine commitment and not just fair-weather promises — from the top.

All such opportunities are created for individual team members by their respective leaders in consultation with the individual member being prepped. We promote “Equal opportunity for all” irrespective of the social status, cultural background or Ethnical upbringing of our team members. Opportunity for Vertical Growth (Operations Management) and/or Horizontal movement (Training/Quality/Support Services) are provided to everyone post assessment of individual interest, performance and capabilities of handling responsibility.


Job Opening:

Knowing exactly when the right time to introduce this type of assignment help usa learning is “depends”.